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What is Thermography?

IR Thermal - school roof scandaylight - school roof scan

IR Thermal roof scan of a school, hover over image to see daylight scan.

Thermographic diagnostics of buildings was one of the areas where thermography was first used back in the 1960s. Thermographic cameras detect radiation in the long-infrared range (IR) of the electromagnetic spectrum (roughly 9,000–14,000 nanometers or 9–14 µm) and produce images of that radiation, called thermograms. Today, thermography is commonly used in Building HVAC and Roof Inspections, Cell Tower Inspections, Solar Panel Inspections, Power Line Inspections, Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Inspections, Fire Fighting, Search & Rescue, Agriculture and many others.

Why use drones for inspections?

Professional Drone Aerial Thermal Imaging & inspection for Michigan
Industrial roof inspections


Professional Drone Aerial Thermal Imaging & inspection for Michigan
Industrial roof inspections


Standard hand held IR devices are currently used for thermographic inspections of buildings. They are perfect for measuring interiors. However, when measuring and scanning exteriors, the issue is mapping the entire building surface. With large industrial facilities, the high building structures the roof top is not easily accessible. Conventional aircraft is very expensive, dangerous and unable to get good low IR close-up measurements. The new sUAS drone systems are a fantastic alternative. Our drones we use are very precise with pinpoint accuracy! Our drone inspection team uses a commercial grade high-res FLIR Tau2 IR thermo camera. We can capture still IR photos and video!

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When is the best time to measure Thermal Readings?

The best time for IR thermal measurements for Roof Top Inspections is right after sunset. When the sun heats up the flat roof structure, then cools down in the evening time after sunset. The bad roof areas, the ‘Wet Pockets’, still retain some of the heat radiation from the sun. While the rest of the roof cools down, these ‘wet pockets’ are still warmer and can be easily identified and photographed using our drone with attached Commercial IR Flir Camera System.

Minimal wind speed is ideal. Exterior thermal readings should not be measured during poor weather conditions including light rain, mist, fog or even snowfall. Windy conditions are unfavorable because of the mixing of air temperature next to the structure. Thermal cameras cannot see through buildings, metal, windows, glass, water or clothing. They just measure infrared heat radiated from an object. Our Thermal Camera System also can pickup heat loss.

Professional Drone Aerial Thermal Imaging & inspection for Michigan
Industrial roof inspections

Detailed close-ups


What is Thermography is used for?

Forget about spending countless hours hanging off a ladder with a hand-held IR camera, or spending thousands of dollars on a single inspection from a full-sized Cessna airplane a 1000′ feet away. Our DRONE IR Roof Inspections are your best bet! Extremely affordable, quick and easy!

Our IR Drone Aerial Thermal Imaging Cameras are used to find building sub-surface cracks, hazardous and costly water damage issues, heat loss, insect problems, incorrect construction problems and many other building issues. Drone IR inspections are great for: Inaccessible roofs, dangerous unsafe roofs, extremely large roofs and roofs where no access is granted. GREAT for Lawsuits too!

We can gather calibrated radiometric temperature data quickly and easily, allowing us to cover large substations, as well as transmission and distribution lines in a fraction of the time it would take with a handheld image scanner.

Our Drone Thermal Imaging cameras can detect and measure Hot Spots in the damaged PV Photovoltaic cells including single cell malfunctions and or major issues. Plus, we can generate Solar Panels inspection reports of your array including critical issues with temperature readings.

Extremely valuable for firefighting. We can give Incident Commanders instant ability to see through smoke and keep track of their personnel in large fire scenes. Our Drone IR cameras are a must for rapidly deployed SAR Search and Rescue missions day or night!

Extremely valuable tool for the agriculture and food industry. We now can predict water stress in crops, planning irrigation scheduling, disease and pathogen detection in plants, predicting fruit yield, evaluating the maturing of fruits, bruise detection in fruits and vegetables.

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